Trivia #3 results!

Thank you very much to all the participants of the English trivia, for the first time students of all levels participated!

These are the answers:

  1. The food known as “Gallo pinto” is originally a typical dish from (C) Costa Rica.
  2. To taste an authentic “Gallo pinto” it has to be cooked only with (B) black beans.
  3. To cook a good “Gallo pinto”, it is preferable that the rice and beans are (B) aged.
  4. Rice mixed with red beans is called (A) “Bayo”.
  5. The original name of our typical dish is (A) “Pinto”. 

Thanks to the collaboration of the teachers Paula Barrera and Wendy Aguilar,  of the English Department, two different winners were awarded: Stephanie Barboza and Lilliam Montiel (10-2).

Remember that today we already published a new trivia, don’t miss out on participating, testing your knowledge and having the chance to win a gift sponsored by our teachers. We will wait for you! 

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